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Mon Journal Français

Vocabulaire, Grammaire, Exercices et un peu plus...

19 February
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Hi! I am an American and am starting to teach myself French. I will be using this LJ to do French exercises, practice writing and grammar, memorize vocabulary, etc.

If you are French, French-Canadian or very proficient in the French language, I would love if you would add me and help me to correct mistakes and answer questions I may have.

I am a professional ESL and German teacher. I would be more than happy to help anyone out with any of these two languages. :)

Like I mentioned above, I am an American, but I have been living in Europe for six years now. Wow! So long already?!? ^_^ I have lived (and am currently living) in German speaking countries. I have traveled all over and can't wait to visit as many more cities and countries as I can.
I love languages and am pretty familiar with Turkish and Italian as well. So many languages to learn and so little time! I am hoping that this journal will help me to focus on one language. I have a bad habit of wanting to learn too many languages at once and, because of that, not getting much farther than a beginner level. That has got to change! ^_^

My goal is to be fluent in not only English and German, but also in French, Italian, Turkish, Dutch and, if my brain has enough space, learning more Hindi would be great as well. Love me some Bollywood! ^_^